SDI – Service Desk Analyst v8 (SDA)

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The Service Desk Analyst (SDA) Professional Standard qualification recognizes an individual’s knowledge of customer service and support competencies and certifies that they have the skills required to work within the IT service and support industry.

SDI – Service Desk Analyst v8 (SDA)

Course typeSDI – Service Desk Analyst v8 (SDA)
Official e-book (Digital)
2 attempts
at Exam
E-learning Self-paced
(1 Year)

Virtual live-online
(2 Days)

A certified individual will have:

  • Essential skills and competencies to deliver efficient and effective support in the Service Desk environment
  • Practical knowledge of how to use these skills to deal effectively with a variety of situations
  • A clear understanding of how to identify customer needs and motivations, and how to handle difficult situations
  • Understand the importance of teamwork in the support environment
  • A thorough grounding in the skills, competencies, responsibilities and knowledge required of a professional and effective Service Desk analyst

Who is it for?

The SDA qualification course is for front-line IT service and support analysts with some experience in a first-line or second-line service desk environment. It is suitable for analysts looking to grow in their role and gain a recognized qualification in their profession. This qualification will help them to develop practical skills whilst earning a certificate that endorses their commitment and knowledge.

Please note that a training course completion certificate from an Accredited Training Organisation will be required to demonstrate proof of training attendance before exam results are released.

They will also learn the following essential topics:

  • Purpose of the service desk
  • Service desk analyst
  • Policies and governance
  • Time management
  • Teamwork


There are no essential requirements to attend this course. However, some experience of first or second-line service desk experience will be beneficial for the delegates.

About the exam and certification

  • The exam lasts 60 minutes.
  • The exam is closed book with sixty (60) multiple choice questions.
  • 65% pass mark