Peoplecert Better Business Cases Practitioner Training

Course Summary:

Better Business Cases (BBC) Practitioner course, you will learn the advanced concepts of developing and presenting a robust business case for your organization’s projects and initiatives. As we all know, a well-constructed business case is essential for securing resources, making informed decisions, and maximizing the chances of project success.

In BBC Practitioner course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Better Business Cases (BBC) methodology, which provides a structured framework for developing compelling business cases. Persons involved in public sector initiatives, private sector projects, or nonprofit endeavors, the Better Business Cases Practitioner course will empower you to make a persuasive case for your business ideas, opportunities and initiatives.

By attending this course, participants gain the skills needed to develop robust business cases that align with organizational objectives, address stakeholder needs, and mitigate risks. This, in turn, enhances the probability of securing necessary resources and approvals for projects, leading to improved project outcomes.

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Course typeBetter Business Cases Practitioner2 attempts at Exam
E-learning Self-paced (1 Year)

Virtual live-online (2 Days)

Purpose of BBC Practitioner Course:

By enrolling in this course you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and present effective business cases. This APMG International course helps participants understand the essential components of a business case and provides guidance on how to structure and develop a comprehensive and persuasive structured document.

The Better Business Cases (BBC) methodology is widely recognized as a best practice for project and investment appraisal. By completing the course, participants become proficient in BBC methodology, allowing them to promote consistent and standardized approaches to business case development within their organizations.

BBC methodology develops a culture of evidence-based decision-making and ensures that resources are allocated to projects with the highest potential for success.

 Who should attend:

After Completing BBC Foundation course which is prerequisite of Better Business Cases Practitioner course, is designed for professionals who are involved in project management, investment appraisal, and decision-making within organizations. It equips them with the skills to develop robust business cases that align with organizational objectives, secure resources, and improve project success rates.

They learn how to assess the viability, benefits, costs, and risks of projects, enabling them to provide valuable insights and recommendations. Understanding the Better Business Cases methodology helps them evaluate financial viability, perform cost-benefit analysis, and assess the financial implications of proposed projects. The Course equips with a recognized methodology and tools to deliver high-quality business cases for their clients. It helps them develop compelling business cases that secure funding, support fundraising efforts, and maximize the impact of their initiatives.