Construction Scope and Change Order Management Virtual Live Online Training

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Learn to take control of scope creep and effectively manage change orders in large engineering and construction projects.

Defining Project Scope and managing it effectively is vital to ensure the success of a Built Environment project. In the industry, a change order has a significant impact on project scope, so managing it productively is a key part of this process. This course covers the tools and techniques available to support scope development, and how to control the scope and manage change orders to ensure successful delivery of a Built Environment project.

Learning Objectives

The skills or knowledge that will be acquired by a participant in the course.

  • Determine the role and importance of business objectives and how project scope impacts them.
  • Articulate the connection between scope, scope changes, business objectives and value.
  • Distinguish between and apply tools and methods to define robust business objectives and performance outcomes to inform project scope.
  • Implement approaches to monitor changes to business objectives.
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in from project inception.
  • Establish clear project scope in the front-end planning phase.
  • Apply methods, tools, tips, and techniques you need to develop project scope.
  • Apply the PDRI tool to identify gaps and optimize scope coverage.
  • Recognize which tools to use on various project types.
  • Apply the six-step process to scope definitions.
  • Identify causes of scope creep and apply techniques to reduce its prevalence.
  • Apply scope management tools as a means of managing scope.
  • Leverage target value delivery and how it is applied to projects.
  • Set up scope governance structures and practices on your projects.
  • Identify different types of change orders and associated pricing mechanisms
  • Recognize causes of change orders on built environment projects
  • Apply components of effective change order management
  • Apply the principles of change order management
  • Apply recommendations for reducing or eliminating unwanted change orders
  • Leverage technologies to support scope and change order management.
  • Create advantages through technology to manage scope and change orders.
  • Apply best practices for using technology to support scope and change order management
  • Identify when and where you should implement technology to support scope and change order management

As the world’s leading project, program and portfolio management association, PMI — in collaboration with leading construction organizations and professionals around the globe — has developed the PMI-CP certification. This certification is designed to equip project professionals with the skills needed to transform the global construction industry and bring large, complex projects to life.

Who is this course for?

Project managers and stakeholders in the engineering and construction fields. Available only in English

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