Organizational Transformation Orchestration Exam Preparation – Self paced eLearning Recorded Videos – Developed by PMI® – Official OTO® Exam Voucher Included.

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  • 10 PDUs for Self-Paced E-learning
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It is a common misconception that a business transformation has a beginning and end. However, the truth is that a successful transformation will never truly “end.” Instead, it sets in motion the ever-evolving culture, strategies, and agility needed to grow sustainably over time.

It takes a different set of leadership qualities to do this. As a transformation leader, you need to be constantly aware of the market trends, disruptors and best strategic practices. You also need to approach the transformation from a people-centered standpoint. Do you have a healthy tolerance for failure? Can you demonstrate humility and empathy?

To lead a transformation, you need these people-based qualities, as well as the qualities that would make a great strategic leader. In Organizational Transformation: Orchestration, we will be looking at the ways a successful transformation is led – through market awareness, strategy, culture, and people.

The research, tools, and strategic knowledge in this program will enable learners to reimagine their leadership persona and strategic abilities. By taking this course and obtaining this micro-credential, leaders will have the confidence to oversee agile strategies and nurture a people-oriented organizational transformation.

Estimated time to complete the course: 5 to 10 hours

The Orchestration course will guide you to:
  • Describe what it takes to lead a people-centered transformation.
  • Identify and describe the various frameworks you will need to achieve transformation outcomes (such as Organizational Network Analysis, Exploit and Explore, and others).
  • Assess different market conditions, trends, and disruptors for your organization.
  • Describe the 4-phased framework of Waves, Horizons, Domains, and Types that will enable you to frame the broader transformation picture.
  • Assess the capabilities your organization will need to successfully transform.

Learning Objective:

  • Market Awareness and Strategic Responses
  • Strategic leadership takes a curious mind, constant learning, and vigilant research to determine industry trends and the environment in which an organization operates.
Earn a Micro-Credential

Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to test your understanding to earn a micro-credential badge.

The exam will be 45 minutes long with 30 multiple-choice questions. You can earn 10 PDUs after completion of the exam.

The course is divided into 7 modules:

1. Welcome to Organizational Transformation: Orchestration

  • Begin by learning about the course.

2. Leading a People-Centered Transformation

  • Discover various leadership skills and learn about the People-Centered Transformation (PCT) Framework.

3. Awsy Leadership Scenario

  • In this faux profile, learn about the leadership skills of the full Awsy team.

4. Achieving Transformation Outcomes

  • Explore the strategic frameworks that help position a successful transformation.

5. Market Awareness and Strategic Responses

  • Explore the practices that will help you read the market and respond strategically.

6. Assessing Transformation Capabilities

  • Consider the capabilities of your organization and learn how to close any gaps.

7. Continuing Your Journey

  • Discover the next steps in your transformation journey.
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